Numerical Cognition

Can Consumers Learn Price Dispersion? Evidence for Dispersion Spillover across Categories

Should I search for a better price? Should I accept this job offer? To answer those questions, consumers form beliefs about the dispersion of prices or salaries... but how accurate are those beliefs? We provide evidence for a phenomenon we call dispersion spillover: Seeing more (vs. less) dispersed prices in one category leads people to perceive more price dispersion in another category. This dispersion spillover influences consumers’ judgments of price attractiveness and changes their likelihood to search for (and find) better options.

Recording how Participants Use distBuilder

Do you wonder how respondents are using distBuilder to construct their final distribution? This blog post shows how you can record the history of allocations that participants have constructed in distBuilder.

Cleaning and Analyzing distBuilder Data

You have used the distBuilder library to collect data, now what? This post walks you through the basics of cleaning and analyzing distribution builder data.

Generate Stimuli for Numerical Cognition Experiments

You want to test how well people can learn a normal distribution. How can you make sure that the discrete number of values that you will show to participants will look 'normal'? This blog post gives you a simple and foolproof way of generating values for your experiments.